Daily Blessing 10-8-2011

I wanted to post my daily blessing for the day. I am so blessed to have neighbors that I do. Our neighborhood truly feels like a small little family. I know that is rare, but I love it. We are like the crazy almost dis-functional family and I love every bit of it. It’s nice to know that we all feel safe with each other and trust each other with our kids. It is a rare thing in this world. Good night ya’ll got a fun day gardening tomorrow. Plus moving more blog posts over.

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As I look back at the past six and a half years of our lives together it makes me so grateful on what the things that we were able to grasp early on in our lives. We have always had our fights and disputes. It did take some time and we are still working on it. We haven’t been together that long but we have understandings, and have made that choice to choose each other for life. (Genesis 2:18)

Although we made the choice we still had problems. It wasn’t anything major but little things that built up. We had just moved and we under a lot of stress, we no longer had a church home, I just had our 5th child and my husband was never home with all the training he had to do and prep for. I was upset, angry and sad all at the same time. I felt I didn’t want the marriage any more. I knew I was wrong in that sense but I found myself blaming my husband for not giving me enough attention (even though he was working 14-16 hour days. I knew I needed to stay in the scriptures and a friend recommended The Peasant Princess. This was the most in-depth set of sermon services that I have ever heard in my life. Not only did this change my life but it changed my marriage. This is when I had an ah ha moment. I watched the whole series and by the end of the series me and my husband both had a change of heart.

Here is what I got out of it.

  • My marriage is not my own.
  • I am here to serve my husband.
  • It doesn’t matter if he serves me it’s about what I am called to do for him.

I know this doesn’t seem like a lot but hear me out. I used to think marriage was both people working at it, making each other happy and it was 50/50. After the series I had a huge change of heart. I realized it doesn’t matter what I want, it matters what my husband wants. If my husband wants to take a nap (he works 12-14 hours a day Monday through Saturday) so be it. If my husband wants to have friends over we will. Before the video it was no I want this to happen and we are doing this. This was NOT biblical in any way. I was telling the person that was supposed to be the head of the house to do it my way. I was quickly reminded of Proverbs 21:19. We tend to get convicted more when we least expect it. Now I would like to say this goes both ways.

My husband and I have an agreement about our marriage. My marriage to him is not mine, just like his marriage to me is not his. I started to track how I felt every time I got upset with my husband. It was from little things to big fights. Every time I was upset it wasn’t him it was me. It was me wanting something. It was me needing something. It was me and I was immediately convicted about it. I thought maybe that it wasn’t my husband but me. I am the one wanting things done a certain way because it’s for me. I never once thought how I could make my husbands day better. I never thought how I could make him happy. This was a year ago almost to the day. Since then I have realized it’s not my marriage it our marriage. He doesn’t owe me anything. No where in scripture does it say just because I want something he has to do it for me. It says to love and honor each other.

A year later we have grown closer to each other in new ways. I still catch myself saying he did this to me, or he doesn’t give me enough attention, but I guard my mouth and change my words and thoughts. I think what can I do to make this marriage better. I ask him is there something you want me to do for you today. I remember just like the disciples and the people who were called by God I am not here for me….I am here for him. How can I face God and tell him well he didn’t show me love. I remember God showed me love, and I need to show God’s love through me. I can do it to other people and family but my husband should be the one I cater to the most. My husband is the one that I should serve the most, and honor the most (besides God).

Let me know what you think….

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Foundation of School

As I was steadily working tonight I got a question I didn’t expect to nudge me the way it did. It was asking what the top elementary schools were in the country. So as I start searching for it I find that of the top 100 schools only 6 of them are elementary schools. Am I the only one that sees an issue with this. Isn’t elementary school supposed to be the place foundations are made for junior high, high school and college. This what our kids are being taught. We are supposed to be laying the foundations for their lives, then we have governors, teachers, and even parents wondering why the high drop out rate. Why blame the current teachers or the ones in high school? Why blame the parents? We should be looking at where their foundations were at in elementary school. Has sports became the top priority? Is this why so many students are believed that popularity, clothes and the “new look” is vital over their education? More movies are being made about who did what to who with school in the background. Has this place turned into a social environment instead of learning.

As I ponder more on these questions you can see the list of schools for your self.



Love to hear your thoughts….

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Home School Day 1

After much discussion, and prayer we have decided to home school full time, and pull Michael out of school. This was a difficult decision, because I know how much he loves to learn. The issue is if he isn’t learning what is the point of him being there.

Today we are learning about Missouri. Working on word searches, and the flag. Listening to him study so diligently is amazing. Hearing him explain to his little sisters about the flag of Missouri. Listening to him steadily look for words in his word search. It’s days and times like this that make me happy. They give me joy that I have been blessed with an amazing husband that provides for us (1st Timothy 5:8).  These are the moments that my kids will talk about for the rest of their lives. These are the things that I hope one day they look forward to.

Now off to get some things ready, because we got a birthday party to prep for.


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180 Movie Review

180 was a movie that makes you think it’s talking about the Holocaust, allowing someone to be in control of you, and being deceived by Adolph Hitler. It then goes into detail about Abortion. How we have given the rights to women to choose if their baby should live or not.  I have always thought of myself as Pro-Life, but always had some questions on what I would do.

Many say they would do this or that or let the women choose, but never gives thought what you would do if you were there. After watching the movie it made me think of a few things. One of them in particular was “How can I or anyone determine the quality of life of another?” We can’t and God is always right on time. He knows more about us than we do. He wants us to worship him, and serve him, and stand up for him (with love). I encourage everyone to watch it, include it in your home school curriculum (with caution I wouldn’t use it in children that are younger in age, but my almost 11 year old will be watching it).

The one thing that I absolutely loved about this movie was it wasn’t just directed towards faith, but to everyone. I understand that not everyone has the same beliefs as our family, and that is fine. There were some things mentioned about faith, and going to heaven, but it’s focus was on abortion. By the end your heart just melts hearing how so many people change their views on abortion, and all because of one person. You could be the one change that person’s view just by watching the movie or sharing the video with another.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.  ~Anne Frank

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Working Moms In The Home

A couple of weeks ago I was put to ease about guilt I was feeling for working over the past 5 years. I have been doing a bible study with a few women from my church on the women in the bible. Proverbs 31:24 stuck out. It was like my father in heaven was comforting me through his word and that is what is supposed to happen when we study it right. The scripture read she maketh fine linen and selleth it; and deliver girdles unto the merchant. So this spoke to me saying it’s OK and biblical to help financially as long as the family is taken care of first. It was like an additional hobby and with her skills she helped with the money in the home.

Now I haven’t worked outside the home for over 5 years now. I have been an at home mom and wife. We couldn’t afford for me to go to work outside the home plus Kasey and I felt so disconnected from each other. We also felt so disconnected from our children. The whole time I was at work I just kept thinking how much longer it was until I got to pick them up. A friend of mine at work said I know how you can work from home. She did a different type of phone work that I wasn’t comfortable with. She said you won’t make as much as me but you can stay home with your babies. (She knew how much I missed them). My journey began there. All of the companies that I have listed I have either personally worked for or know someone personally that has worked for them. (***Due to privacy and security of some companies that are contracted with these companies I have to * or X out part of their name, but I hope you can figure it out.)

I do need to inform you of 2 things.

  1. Most of these companies you are considered an employee, therefore you don’t have to worry about anything. You get a W-2 at the end of the year. File taxes like if you had went into an actual job. You don’t get as many tax breaks but it still helps. Many of these companies you also don’t have limits on the number of hours you work. For some of them they don’t pay overtime though because it is your choice the number of hours you work. So since they don’t pay overtime, they also aren’t required by law to give you or offer a number of hours you work. Most companies have schedules that you can pick from but they are set hours. So just like a regular job you get on your computer log on and work. Others allow you to pick your hours but can be hard to even get hours.
  2. The other option is to be an independent contractor. This is easier than it sounds. You just go to the IRS website and apply for one. (Click here to be directed to it). You will need to also check your state laws. Some will say or require that you do a corporation, or LLC. The easiest and cheapest way in most states to do it is apply for an EIN, and do a sole proprietor. This basically means that you have a business under your EIN. You can also have a sole proprietor under your social as well. When you get your taxes done you just put the EIN number in or file them separately which is still pretty easy to do. Plus you get a ton of tax breaks. Everything you use for the business is a tax write off from pens and paper, to your electric bill, mortgage, and internet. So this could really help you bring down your AIG come tax time.
**Please keep in mind that not all of these companies hire in all states due to their contracting laws, and employment laws.**

**Most of the companies pay direct deposit so a bank account is needed**

**Some of these companies have a no compete regulation meaning that if you work fro them you can’t work for another company. However I would like to add that with those companies you make enough usually to be able to live off of just their income.**

The first group is going to be phone work. This means that you can’t have no background noise. It is best to set up a little office in a separate room. Some of these you will need to use your social and some of these you will need to file for a EIN based off of the company’s requirement and your choice.

  • LiveOps— This by far was and still is my favorite company that I had ever worked for. I made some really good money. You make .25 cents per minute on the phone. You would have to file your own taxes with this company. You are considered an Independent Contractor. You pick your own schedule, but can work 24 hours a day.Most people start off in Direct Response. Direct Response or aka DR is where you take calls for infomercials and commercials. Some of the companies offer incentives for just selling or sending out their information to customers. It can be from something as small as $1 to $10 dollars. I will give you an example of some what an average call looks like with this company. (Example: You are on a call for 10 minutes at .25 cents per minute that equals to 2.50 for that call. If you do 4 calls in one hour averaging that time then you just made 10 dollars for the hour without any incentives) Now with this company you should also know they have a router that goes by how well you do. The better you do on sales, and completed calls meaning you made the sale (which is not hard at all they are calling you to order) the more calls you get. When you start off you may only end up with 10 minutes per 30 minute block. The more you work the better you get the higher your stats are. When I left the company (due to personal reasons not the company’s) I was getting 45-55 minutes of call time per hour. That is $11.25 to $13.75 an hour. I didn’t have to pay for daycare and got to work when I wanted. One last thing on this company is that they have other contracts you can get with them. One of them you take orders for a well known Pizza Company, another was for an Insurance Agency. So you have options. Get your foot in the door. With LiveOps you do read from a script but it has all the answers you need.
  • West–I also worked for this company as well. This company pays minimum wage and you are considered an employee. Now different contracts you can get with this company varies on the pay as well. You pick your own hours and can work 24 hours a day with most of their contracts. Most people start in DR with this company as well, but are offered different contracts pretty quick. They have several different ones. Some of them are H*N (a shopping channel), various cell phone customer service for prepaid cell phones, other television shopping channels (can you think of any), a flower company that needs you usually around Valentines day they are Pros. Some other ones are for appliance companies. These are just some of them, but there are more.
  • ACD Direct–With this company many times you take calls for pledges for instance on PBS. There are few other opportunities and depending on the position you get varies on the pay. Several people that I know say if you get on with them it’s something you can do but not something for complete income. You are considered an Independent contractor. They don’t hire in all states though.
  • Working Solutions–www.workingsolutions.com (it wouldn’t let me link it sorry). This company is hard to get into but is worth it. The wait list is very long. They have some great contractors and the companies are very strict about who they contract with. I can tell you though you can that you are considered and Independent Contractor though.
  • Arise AKA Willow — This company I highly HIGHLY recommend you do no apply with until you have worked for either LiveOps, or West. They are a lot to start off with. You pay for your own training, and have to do a lot with them. You also have to incorporate according to your state for a business. You can expect to spend any where from 150 to 700 dollars to start up with them. You are not guaranteed a contract with anyone. You don’t get paid for training and are paid for time on the phone only. The pay is excellent with this company but very competitive. If you don’t pass the training you can reapply to take but have to pay for it again. So I would be very cautious about going through them to start off with.
  • Alpine Access — This is a very hard company to get in with. You are considered an employee. You have to go through a phone interview, and some other paper work, but a great company to work for. You have opportunities to advance greatly with this company to management positions. This company does have a no compete policy so if you work for them you can only work for them. They have several amazing companies that you can work for such as a prepaid credit card company, Am*a*on, an office supply store, a gaming system company, and an insurance company for older people.
  • Cloud 10 — This company you are considered an employee. Therefore you have a set schedule, and are paid an hourly rate. So you don’t have to worry about guessing how much you will make. You work between 32-38 hours a week full time and half of that part time. They have contracts with a cell phone company, a satellite dish company, and a cable company. You offer customer service for them, tech support and sometimes billing. They train you so you know what to do. Pay varies on the contract that you get. You do have to go through a hiring process meaning a phone interview and providing some documentation.

This next group of jobs or opportunities does not require you to be on the phone. You don’t have to worry about background noise. Most of them you are considered an IC so you have to file your own taxes and work when you can. The amount of work you do varies on your pay. Some require you to get paid through PayPal and others require you to open a bank account with them or a debit card program it just varies.

  • ChaCha — This was one of my most favorite jobs that didn’t have to do with phone work. I loved it because I could make money during the day while Kasey was at work and then the evenings I could spend with family. They have different pay structures so it is your choice of how you want to do it. Personally I would go with just getting paid for the questions you answer. How it works is basically people text ChaCha their question it gets routed to a guide which would be you and you look up the answer and send it back to them. They send in questions from what is today’s weather to what restaurants are in Chicago, IL that are gluten free. So you can have fun and you actually learn a lot. This is something you can do for extra income but probably not live off of. You have the option to do pay me now and they deduct 2 dollars from your total amount of pay. The faster you are the more you get. You have to set up a bank account with them but it’s easy and you get a debit card with them. You can work anytime of the day. You just log in and click available. It is a fun one. You are considered and IC so you file your own taxes and take deductions.
  • Live Work — This company you are an IC for as well. There are two specific opportunities you can do. Both I loved but let go for personal reasons as well. The first one is for a company similar to Yahoo Answers but you get paid for it. The pay is .39 cents per question. You would answer questions similar to ChaCha so if you can do ChaCha you can do this. You can work for other companies as well since they have a no compete policy. You are paid through Paypal. Questions vary and you can do it anytime. The second main project they have is to provide short answers to questions. You get what they call batches at a time. Most of the time you have a set amount of time as a team to get them done. So it’s fun and nice. You can pick what questions you want to answer. I love health so I used to answer those. Topics include health, family, recreation, home repairs, construction and children. So it is really fun.
  • Text Broker — This is a fun company to work for also. You are an independent contractor. You work when you can. You submit a writing sample and based off of your writing you get a rating. Based off your rating you can get paid more and have more opportunities. You get paid through paypal twice a month. I have worked for them and still have my contract open with them but only work every now and then.
  • Demand Studios — This is an excellent company. I didn’t work as a writer but know several people that have. It is a great opportunity and can lead to several other contracts with private companies. They work with companies such as Live Strong, YouTube, and Ehow. As a writer you can get paid from 10-25 dollars per job. The more you work the more you make. The other opportunity is with the Titling department. To apply for an opportunity with the titling department you can email them to let them know you are interested to the Titling Team To view what the different roles are you can view them. The pay is from 0.01 per title to 0.04 cents per title. You can easily make any where from 100 a month to 2000 a month in the Titling department. It is easy and you can do any where.

This is pretty much it, but there are a lot of others. As I come across more or remember more I will put them up. I will also update as often as possible. Feel free to post a comment if you have a question and I will fidn the answer for your or who you can contact for the answer. I am a firm believer in the scripture from Titus 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. (KJV). The NASB says: to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored. So it is biblical to work from home but you must understand that your family comes first. In Proverbs 31 it shows that she took care of her family FIRST then used her skills to make extra money.

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First Post

I have had my blogspot post for several years and will be transferring all the posts over. I want to share the challenges and joys of raising blessings. Every child is a gift from the lord, and although it might not be easy. It’s his grace and love that helps me get through it all. Come join me while we travel through the scriptures, teach life lessons, cry, smile, and enjoy life with our blessings.

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